Resource for Layout users?

Hi All, in the past year I’ve converted my interior design business to be all SketchUp and Layout based. However, I’m finding it almost impossible to find people with experience in Layout, as they seem to all have the system of using autocad for 2d and then modelling and visualizing with SketchUp. All 2d drawings (plans, elevations, details), are done in AutoCAD, which means that no one has experience in layout, or using SketchUp to generate drawing sets.

My question is whether anyone knows of a good resource or place for finding people who have experience in SketchUp and Layout at this capacity? Would really appreciate the help. I’m finding it to be a serious impasse when it comes to expanding the business.

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You could checkout these books…

Nick has some videos on Youtube and Mike Brightman has Layout tutorials on his YouTube channel. Also Matt’s channel.

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Thanks Matt, I myself am good with SU and Layout, my question was asking about how I can find people who are also good at it so that I can hire them.

Sorry - misread your post

In that case, your post should have been filed under Collaborative Working, perhaps?

I feel you! I’ve struggled mightily with the same a few times over. Ultimately Ive had to make the investment to train someone. However, you might look into your local colleges to see if SKP/LO is taught and then find a student who has the basic under their belt.