Need PAID help to clean up SketchUpFiles

Hi everyone, I’m brand new to Sketchup.

  1. I need help reducing the poly count of my renders. You can see the catalog I put up under, “Casa Bella Outdoor Kitchen Cabinetry”. I will pay someone to help me reduce the poly count
    and ideally teach me over zoom so I can embrace this new skill.

  2. I need new models made in sketchup of bbq grills.

Again, love to learn how to do this too, for someone willing to zoom me.

Appreciate the help and any advice you can share if you have a second to look at the renders I put up under “Casa Bella Outdoor Kitchen Cabinetry”.
Email me at

Please don’t spam the forum with posts on the same topic. One post is enough.

Hi Donna,
I’ve sent you an email with some details.

Let me know if interested.