Helping a Non profit Organisation with a landscape design


Hello @vermin I have moved your message to this collaboration category where other SketchUp community members may be interested in giving you advice and helping you. You are doing great work and I know that SketchUp will be able to help you in this regard.

I would start here if you are an absolute beginner:

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Hi Alex, I am part of a non profit organisation in South Africa that looks after injured and orphaned vervet monkeys and I have been looking for away to do a landscape design of a Vervet Forest that we are hoping to raise funds for to release these monkeys to so they can have a 2nd chance at life. On searching the internet I came upon Sketchup and have installed it and it looks great but as you can imagine being a complete novice the prospect of designing something the even remotely looks like a piece of land and not a green box that I can resize in any direction seems impossible, so I was wondering do you think the SketchUp community would like to take on this challenge and designs something for us, as a rough idea of what we looking for is a 3D model of a forest with trees a river running through it on uneven terrain, the size it should represent is 500 Hectares - What we trying to do is divide the property up into 1 hectare sections which donors would then purchase to help us acquire the forest - We would need some buildings in the design for a clinic, staff accommodation with a wooden feel but I can give more details if you think this is a worthwhile cause to ask the community for the participation - our website is Thank you for any help in this regard


Thank You - I will have a look at those and see if I can progress a bit - thanks for the help


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Hello @Vermin - Interesting project, I would like to offer some help. My background is land planning and development (landscape architect, retired), I teach a SketchUp for landscape design class online in Canada and have students world-wide. Would be happy to discuss this with you.


Hi Ken

Thank you very much I am not to sure how to go about it or the best way of doing it we working on an exciting project called The Vervet Forest that would be a safe haven for orphaned and injured monkeys and other wildlife in the Limpopo Province South Africa

What we would like to have is 3d model of the property to give donors an idea of what they are sponsoring, the current property size we are looking at is roughly 530 Hectare, the idea is to divide this up into 1 hectare sections that can be purchased by way of donation and as these sections are paid for they materialise on the 3d Model.

The model would be of a typical riverine area in South Africa, it would need wooden buildings for eco guards, students, education, clinic and viewing areas for observers and lots more, so it would be fantastic to have your involvement and input


Lots of ideas… biggest question is if this intended to be an
interactive model/map for the donors, or something they can see after a
model/map manager changes and updates things?

Glad to speak further - we can use Skype if that works better.



Please just make sure that you don’t post personal contact details “out here” in public and private message them to each other.