SketchUp expert to create 3D landscape and basic buildings


We are looking for a SketchUp expert with experience modeling terrain to help build a 3D model of some Scottish countryside which is mainly mountains and a loch/lake.

We also need a few buildings modeled, these are simple shapes and we just require an outline.

The model is to be used as a guide for a 2D animation so we are just looking for a ‘frame’ to base our final drawings on, we don’t need a '‘finished product’

We want to make sure we keep a consistency and continuity within the animation so will use the ‘camera angles and positions’ within the 3D model to plan each background image.

Part of the animation includes a fly through scene so Sketchup Pro is preferable, however a basic version could be used.

We have a very good idea of what we want and a basic plan to follow, plus reference images of how each camera position should look.

We feel the best way to work on this is for much of the time to be spend on screenshare with the freelancer.

We are flexible with the hours we can be available however we will need someone with good English skills so we can communicate.

Please include some examples of terrain you have worked on and also let us know what version of SketchUp you are using and what you charge per hour.

We are looking for someone who can start on the within a day or so and be available to complete within week.

Many thanks


I expect you will find someone here who can help you. Before you contract with that person, make sure they are using SketchUp Pro.

How large is the region you are looking to model? Is your 2D a plan view or elevation?

Hi Dave

Thanks for that, I will ask.

It covers a large area as I wanted mountains in the background, which are a number of kilometers away, I was hoping to get advice on how to do this, ie maybe two scenes, one for the mountains in the background then a smaller scene to cover the end of the loch / local hills etc.

I have a 2D plan plus a few hand drawn images to show how it will look.


Hello There

Interested please PM me your details so that i can share work, I am compatible to such project and rates are very affordable please connect on Skype


I am highly interested to work over the project for you. Can you please reach me at below mentioned details. I will share more details of mine over an email.

Skype: cisin.karen

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Reply Awaited.