How do I modify to make a pulley

I need a pulley for a barn door type slide.

Can someone tell me how to modify this drawing?

I want the inner portion to have an rounded shape.

I am using Sketchup Make 2017


By inner portion do you mean the small diameter? Assuming that’s the case, I would draw the cross section profile of the wheel and a circle and use Follow Me. I have a keyboard shortcut for Follow Me but you can get it from the toolbar or the Tools menu.

Out of curiosity how big is is supposed to be? As you have it modeled it’s a little over 22 feet in dimater.

I think I got it… Will try and let you know…


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This is what I got… Not sure why the gap… Final size is to be 1 1/2

Do I need to zip small files like this?

No. So far your files have been plenty small. No need to upload to Drop Box either.

I wonder how you did that. The profile needs to be centered on the circle and you haven’t done that apparently.

Getting better.

Pulley.skp (156.6 KB)

Good enough. You might find it helpful if you work on this sort of thing centered on the origin.

Also remember to reverse the faces. You should have only white front faces showing.


Homework for tomorrow… Need to figure out how to divide so I can smooth everything…


Morning Dave,

I noticed a pulley at the bottom of the screen. Did you use this to get the cross section or just draw the cross section?

Also, when I start Sketchup Make 2017, the Ruby console comes up. How may I discover what is bringing it up, and how do I prevent it?

I am looking for structured tutorials that can teach architectural, Engineering, ways to use Sketchup.
I used a book from Joe Zeh to get started with working… Interested in other ways to use it…


Pulley.skp (154.5 KB)

In my animation? That was your pulley. I used it as a reference to get dimensions and drew the profile above it. Maybe I should have deleted yours before making the GIF.

I drew the profile from scratch.

Is there any text in the console? I expect you’ve got some extension doing that. Hard to know which one based on what you’ve written. Finding the extension that’s causing it would help. Probably need to disabled or update it.

There are books and other tutorials on doing architectural stuff. I think the key thing is to just get proficient using the tools. After that it’s just modeling. This is a pulley I was working on the other day.

Modeling it isn’t really any different from modeling a bed like this…

Or a house like this.