How do I lengthen or shorten block that has curved roundovers

Hi friends,
I’m still quite new to Sketchup and I’m trying to figure out some basics. I’m a woodworker, and I have a block of wood (in Sketchup) that is 11" x 3" x 1". I have a 1/4" roundover on all the edges. I’m trying to figure out how to now make the piece be 12" long.

I know how to do this without the roundover, but with a roundover I can no longer use the push/pull tool on the faces.

I’m needing to be able to do this as I plan on completing whole projects with many of these pieces and then making modified projects with different sizes, so it will not be easy to just do all the blocks first and then do roundovers at the end.

Thanks for any help!

Just select the geometry and use the move tool.

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Two tips on top of that:

Notice that Mr. Box is selecting by dragging from left to right. That’s important, it will then only select the geometry that is enclosed. If you did right to left it would also select other lines and faces that you don’t want.

If you are changing the length from 11" to 12", you could do a Move of any amount, then type 1" followed by the Enter key. That will make it do the move needed to go exactly one inch.

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Thank you both! This answers my questions exactly.