Round-over on tapered legs

I’m learning SketchUp; I have a table that has tapered legs and 1/4" round overs on three corners of each leg. the total leg length is 16 1/4", the taper is 2" from the bottom. When I attempt to do the Push/Pull, I can only do 14 1/4" on two of the corners. Any ideas on how to make the taper go through the curved area?

What curved area? Your description seems incomplete. Can you post a picture or a link to a picture showing what you want to make?


I’ll upload a PDFRoundover.pdf (74.7 KB)

push-pull won’t go around a corner. Use follow-me instead.

OK, that was a bit glib…

  • extend the edge line of the corner a bit past the bottom of the leg
  • draw your roundover arc on the top
  • select the three edges down the extended corner
  • use follow-me to make the section outside the arc flow down the corner
  • select the new rounded surface and do intersect-faces
  • clean up the extra below the bottom
  • smooth edges if desired

Thank you for the information. I will definitely keep this message and the
clear instructions.

Dave Stein

Don’t forget you can just move edges around to change your shapes.