Making a stopped roundover

I’m drawing a table and I want the legs to have a roundover that travels 1 3/4" up from the bottom. I’ve gotten the profile OK, but can’t figure out how to get it to fill in. I’ve tried Move, Follow Me and Push/Pull with no luck. I had a similar problem drawing a stopped groove that in the shop would be cut on the table saw. That one I finally accomplished, but I have no idea how I did it.

I’m really stumped here. This file is not part of the table model since I don’t want to mess that one up as it’s complete.
Untitled.skp (31.7 KB)

Do you want this to be a convex rounover? Or is it to be a stopped flute?

Convex roundover.

OK. Cutter with a router or shaper or something?

Yes router with a 1/2" roundover bit.

That smaller piece is one I drew in anticipation of using the eneroth trim tool to cut the leg. Follow me comes close, but creates weird geometry.

If that smaller piece was a solid it would create a concave flute not a convex shape on the leg.

Oh yeah, the bottom radius is backward. Easy fix.

I guess that’s my question. How do I make this a solid?
Untitled.skp (32.6 KB)

To do what you are talking about you So something like this?

I used Curviloft (from Sketchucation) to create the surface after selecting the edges shown selected, below. I also pulled out the outer faces a bit. I find that makes it easier to work with these sorts of shapes as cutters. Note that Curviloft creates a group containing the geometry it makes. You’ll need to explode that group so the cutter will be solid.

Exactly like that. I’ll try that tool. Thank you.

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FWIW, this would be a good time to use “The Dave Method” which ivolves making copies of the leg and your cutter component, scaling them up (I use a factor of 1000) and doing the work on the large copies.

Here I did it without scaling up and there’s some odd geometry at the stopped end of the roundover.

And here I scaled up the copies of the components before creating the surface with Curviloft. Then while the copies are still large, I trimmed the leg with the cutter. After last trim, I deleted all the gian components and returned to the original sized ones. The geometry is much cleaner.

I haven’t looked at the model, but since you are using Curviloft, do you need to make the cutter?

Edit: Had a look now.
Something like this.

No I don’t. I just did the same thing. I’m checking it now.

Got it. Now I just have to copy that profile to the other corners. Thanks again.

Box, of course, hits it on the head. I didn’t go down that route because I was thinking about this as attacking it from the beginning. Modeling the cutter in place where it needs to be on the leg and using Rotate/Copy to put it on the other corners is quick and easy with no repetition. The same cutter could be used multiple times for other parts. Or you could do something like this.

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So close. I got the profile on all corners, but wound up with some reversed faces on the first one. Argggggh
Untitled.skp (147.4 KB)

I do like the cutter idea. as well.

As far as the reversed faces go, open the component for editing, right click on a white face and choose Orient Faces.

Sheesh. Forgot about that. thank you.

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I was having a quick fiddle with your model while waiting for a render and noticed there seems to be something odd with your geometry. I can’t pin down what it is but it wouldn’t array properly, the arcs just didn’t fit.
But this is what I was trying to do, It worked with my geometry.
Anyway, just showing that there are always many ways to skin the old su cat.


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