How do I lengthen end of a geometry which is "cut" to an angle?

This is the modest problem in question:
How do I lenghten that “wooden” board to meet the other board?

I know I can select edges and use the move tool, but then I have to move all the edges one at the time.
If I select the face, then use the move tool, it actually moves the whole board.
If I use stretch, the angle of the cut is skewed…

The solution in the topic which came up when making this post, How do I lengthen or shorten block that has curved roundovers Doesn’t work. It moves the whole board…

It’s a component, but it doesn’t work by double clicking “far enough” into it so I’m working with the geometry itself…

There must be something super simple solution to this, but I don’t know the correct search terms.

You should be able to select the miter face and its bounding edges and use Move to move just the selection. You’ll have to open the “board” group/component so you can select the end of the board to move it. If that doesn’t work for you, share the .skp file so we can see why.

Dang! Didn’t think of this before until you said “…and it’s bounding edges”. If I select the edges using shift, one by another,I can select them all and use the move tool. Thanks!

If I select the face and the edges by double clicking correctly, it moves the end into the direction of which the cut is facing.

Well, yes… Or you could use a left to right (not right to left) selection box to grab only the geometry you want. Or, a double click on the face selects the face and it’s edges only.


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I must have messed up something earlier through several tries, now that works. Thanks!

That sounds like either you aren’t using inferences to move the end in the correct direction, or else you are using push-pull instead of move.