Changing dimension of one wall in an object


How do I change the dimension of the red object. It’s currently 1 1/4", I want to change to 1 3/4". Tried using the measure tool, but that’s for the whole object.

prototype.skp (76.0 KB)

I just used the move tool, but it only moved the outer surface. I think I will have to make that part a component


You can use the Move tool. Look at your girder end on, and with the select tool do a drag from bottom left to top right, to just select the lower face of the drop down part. With the Move tool, drag down on the blue axis by any amount. Type .5 Enter, and the length of that part will be 1 3/4 instead of 1 1/4.


does this look like i did it correctly

prototype2.skp (80.0 KB)

I can tell it’s not right. It only changed the outer surface not the thickness


No, it doesn’t.
prototype.skp (123.8 KB)


one way


John, I could understand yours. Not sure what I did wrong with colin’s


His way is better, or easier, but as you can see from the file I uploaded, the other way works too.


colin, I would like to know how to do it your way. Maybe i’m not selecting the item correctly.




Start with the Select tool. Double click on the face that needs to move to select the faces and its bounding edges.
Get the Move tool.
Move the selection the desired distance.
For precision, type the move distance into the Measurements box.

Colin’s method is valuable to know because it is the option when what needs to be moved isn’t just a flat face as in the case of the coped end of this door rail…


Now, i’m working on putting a bearing behind the wall that got moved. There will be space between the bearing and the back wall. 1.58"Dia x .47"W. First time I had it attached to the back wall. I think I have to rotate more so I can put it on the front wall


Thanks Dave. The only difference was that I looked side on in order to select the edges, rather than the more sensible approach of selecting the face. My way would have still worked for a flat plane.


Why can’t you supply at least screen shots so we can see what you’re trying to describe.


Ah, yes. Side on works, too. I opted for the method I showed so the selected face and edges would be visible.


Again I appreciate all the info. I’m have a problem trying to place a circle (which will be a bearing inside the track area. I’m having a problem with the cutout area. The bearing has to be against the red plane and on the base of the track. There will be appx 9/32 between the bearing and the back wall.

It’s the open area or the cutout that is giving me the problem.

Now it seems to work. Still trying to add width with push/pull


Screen shots, man! Screen shots! Show us pictures of what you’re trying to do.


Whats the best way to do a screen shot


Since you haven’t completed your profile and we don’t know what operating system you have, it’s difficult to say. There’s the Snipping Tool in Windows and an equivalent on the Mac. Please, try to help us help you.


Googled. I will go back and update my profile

That’s the start of the bearing. I still have to go back and put the center hole in the bearing. Then add and angle bracket and bolt


It would be useful to know what you’re trying to draw but…

If the bearing is 1.58 in. dia. as you stated earlier and the shaft is to be centered in the slot, the bearing won’t fit as you can see in my screen shot.

Learn how to use the Tape Measure tool to locate centerlines and other things. It’ll make positioning components a heckuva lot easier.


I’m trying to build a track system for lifting a bike up to the garage ceiling (using a pulley system, which I can get) then being able to slide the bike back against a wall over a cabinet that’s in the garage…

If the bearing is (these are appx because the bearing is mm) 1/2" wide the track area is 1 x 3 aluminum tubing with 1/8" walls. That should leave space for the bearing if it’s appx 1/2" wide. The Dia of the bearing is app 1 19/32 which should fit in the 2 1/2 space.

The hole of the bearing is 17mm 11/16