Make the 3d models longer or shorter

I am new to sketchup and I was working on the furnitures
I tried to make it longer but not scale the object. I try to extend a part of it so it will be longer than before.

I saw there section plane that can show the part in the model without affecting all parts
but I can only look and not affecting the parts of models I am trying to make it longer.

Sorry in case I am not clear, ans here so is the picture

I want change 1300 to 1500 and 447.9 to 500

can any one tell me how.

You can select the geometry making up one end and move it by the required distance. The edges and faces joining the ends will “stretch” so that they continue to connect corresponding vertices. Without a side view I can’t tell what shape the sofa has, but the same thing might work to stretch the depth too. If, for example, the seat is not level, moving the front or back will change its slope, but that can’t be avoided unless you change the height of the front or back of the seat.

Without the model it is hard to give a specific suggestion but, with what you have shown I would use a cutting plane at the center point so when you then stretch the item the proportions are kept the same for both ends. Freedo also has a scale tool that has a stretch option in that may help you also.
Can you attach your model??

Thanks, so here are the sides of the sofa

I am new to Sketchup which means I can only upload a picture at a post.

If you want some more I can reply again to show more details.
Thank you :smiley:

Just select the end geometry that has to move to make the bench longer and move it with the Move tool. Thus:

You may have to turn on Hidden Geometry (View > Hidden Geometry) to select the right parts to stretch the bench from front to back. Like this:

Depending on how you’ve got the model organized into groups or components, you’ll have to enter the context of each to select and lengthen the geometry.


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Hi Alan, He is a example I did some years ago and going on from gully’s post.Altering proportions with the move tool.skp (453.2 KB)