Hey there, just upgraded to the Pro subscription. I need to send an engineer Auto Cad .dwg files

I’m having some engineering done on a roof that’s being replaced. My engineer would like my files to be in .dwg to facilitate his loading them into his Auto Cad program. How do I make a 2D transfer?

Go to File → Export. You’ll have a couple of options from there.

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Does the receiver have to do anything special, or is the file ready for Auto CAD incorporation?

I don’t know. There are a couple of options for export (e.g., 2d and 3d). The requirements may be specific to your engineer/their software.

It’s fairly straightforward, so I’d just prep a couple of them. Then just ask the engineer what they need or send a couple and explain that you were not sure which they needed.

You should save as an older version of autocad like 2010 in case the other person doesn’t have the latest version.

Thanks, Great suggestion

Okay, so I’m having some trouble. My engineer is getting error messages when he attempts to download my files into AutoCAD:


Any suggestions?

What version of Autocad is the engineer running? Was it a 2d or 3d Export? Send me the dwg file and I can try to open it.

Hey, thanks. Year is 2019, and here’s the dwg:

Floor Plan-2.dwg (365 KB)

It was a 2D Export.

Do the 3D export - that is a “proper” DWG

I’m only sending plan and elevation views. This is for truss engineering, so the engineer doesn’t need the 3D view. I’m using ‘Top View’ and ‘Camera - Parallel Projection’.

He would be better off doing that at his end - autoCAD is a 3D software.
The 2D export is a fudged solution.

Even so, weird he is getting any errors at all because the file is so simplified.

This is a 3D export:

dwg 3D export.dwg (1.4 MB)

Yeah, kept it simple and this is only for roof truss’s. Are you able to read the file in AutoCAD?

Floor Plan-2-V2.dwg (244.4 KB)
I was able to open it in Autocad 2024. Send him this file and see if he can open it.

Just a heads up: this version crashes SU 2023 on my tests.

This is a 2018 version of a DWG file created in 2024 AutoCAD

It doesn’t, I’m getting an error that suggests the machine that has created it has some languages installed that mine doesn’t .

If I import that file into SketchUp and export it as a DWG using the 3D export option it opens just fine in autocad
Untitled.dwg (137.0 KB)

I tried a number of import options and got bug splats each time. I also tried opening it in Trimble Connect and it doesn’t display (vs. the OP version which does display).

Does the version I uploaded open in AutoCad? The OP version doesn’t open in SU with text. TC export to TrimBim, import to SU does display the text.