Exporting to DWG



Hi…I have a small architecture firm and I recently purchased Sketchup Pro for a residential project. Its been great working with it, but now that files need to go out to structural and electrical i cant export them to DWG. I dont know why it isnt working and I ve asked customer support but still have not received a response. I am under pressure from client and contractors so I would really appreciate any help in figuring out how to do this and why it isnt working… Thanks!!!


How is it not working ?
What are the steps you go through to export?

Someone will be able to give better help with this info


what exactly does this mean?

in SU Pro: “File > Export > 3D Model…”

use the 3D export even for 2D drawings because only then true (analytic) circles/arcs instead of approximated polylines will be exported.


I mean I go through the process of exporting the file… both the 3d model and also the layout docs and the documents come out blank… empty…


restart system, export a simple document and check content with free Teigha Viewer; does it work?


ok thanks will try… downloading the teigha viewer now…


Ok… I made a simple file, one wall, exported it and opened it in the viewer and it worked!! :-)… I noticed that when i export my real filke it says this:

Maybe thats why?.. it also ends up huge 93 MB…



did switching to an orthogonal view (e.g. Top) and disabling the perspective by “Camera > Parallel Projection” before exporting helps?

what does “Audit report.txt” say? …probably saved to the folder where the document or the DWG lies… or SU program folder?


Ok… so theres a couple of things… when i try to export the large model directly from sketchup… it says this:

Then… when i export the layout docs. I can open them perfectly well on the Teighaviewer… but both my contractors report they can only see the dimensions when they open them in autocad…


and when i check the audit txt report it is empty…


OK… so I just realized that whenever I export the file it creates two files… one DWG and another that syas image and is a .png… with the actual drawing…When I open the dwg on the teeigha viewer i can see everything… but when they open it in autocad they dont see the part that it is in the .png

PRUEBA 2.dwg (74.1 KB)


the raster image is placed in a viewport window over the 2D shop drawing… therefore you need to send them the DWG as well as the embedded PNG.

But why is your geometry an image, can you uplad your SU model as SKP?

If you wanna evaluate how it looks in a Adesk CAD you may want download the free DWG TrueView 2018 f. Windows (only) for doing this.


Ok… im not sure why my geometry is an image and everything else that I added in layout is not. IM not sure what SKP is?. I use mac… so not sure if DWG true view works… i downloaded the teighaviewer.


ohh hahahaha. SKP… DUH!!! :slight_smile:


Is the viewport in LayOut rendered as Raster?


HOw do I check if it is or not?.. sorry… im really illiterate with this kind of thing…


Select the viewport (the view of your SketchUp file) and look at the render type in the SketchUp Model inspector window.

If it is rendered as Raster, there’ll be no vector lines from the model to export in a DWG.


ok… it said render. should i change to hybrid or vector?


You mean “Raster”?

Either Vector or Hybrid will result in vector lines. Hybrid gives you vector lines and raster textures. The DWG should have the vector lines.

It sounds like you might do well to spend more time learning how to use SketchUp and LayOut correctly before worrying too much about the DWG exports.


raster… thast right… yeah… I had to purchase it in order to be able to start work on a proyect that I would have lost if I waited so… … thankfully people on this forum are really helpfull… still waiting for technical support to answer my question from two weeks ago…