Difficulties Exporting as a DWG file

Hi There
I am new to Sketchup Pro but not new to Sketchup. I recently upgraded to Pro so i could export drawings in .dwg format to my Structural Engineer. When I export out of layout he receives blank documents. I am struggling to figure this out. I seem to be able to export out of Sketchup but I was hoping to work within Layout for Construction documents as well.
Thanks for any help!!!

Sorry to hear about your exporting troubles. We have a video as part of our LayOut Essentials learning track on our SketchUp Campus site that may help: Exporting to DWG / CAD | SketchUp Campus

In the meantime, do you have a file that you can share for me (or others) to look at? Hard to say for sure what the problem is without seeing your file/settings. If you can’t share publicly, feel free to send it as a direct message.

26 West Shore Dr…layout (301.8 KB)

Thanks Eric
I hope this file helps.
It is very rudimentary at the moment but it should be good enough for our purposes?
Also, while I have you here, how can you see what the scale is on each page because they don’t all look to be rendered at the same scale though i set scale at 1/4"-1’

All your SketchUp viewports use Raster rendering. The DWG exporter will export them as embedded raster images. This is probably not what your engineer expects, and, depending on the application he/she uses, might not even be supported. I would change them to use Vector rendering before exporting.

Also explore the different export options to get the right kind of DWG for your purposes.

Another observation: It is best to create scenes in SketchUp to show the different views you need of your model, and then to link your LayOut views to these particular scenes. Linking to “Last saved SketchUp view” makes your viewports always show what was visible on your Sketchup screen when you last saved the model.

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