Hey there, just upgraded to the Pro subscription. I need to send an engineer Auto Cad .dwg files

Thanks. I used 2D. I’ll try with 3D. The engineer is using 2019 AutoCAD. SketchUp only offers me 2018 or earlier. Which year setting should I use?

This version doesn’t open in SU with text and dimensions.

Would you please test the file I uploaded? I’m very curious to know if it opens in AutoCad.

The engineer uses the 2019 AutoCAD version. Which AutoCAD version should I tab?

Drawing file format compatibility in AutoCAD (autodesk.com)

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3D worked perfectly. Thank you. Your advice has taken a significant burden off my shoulders. Have a great day.

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He just needs to click yes and the file will be opened.

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Yours opened fine in autoCAD for me
Strangely that text didn’t show up when I imported it into sketchup

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Thanks for this feedback. I went through and tested all of the files posted and a number of other export types (e.g., 2D vs 3D and 2010, 2018). Some don’t display text and dimensions while others do.

A 2D 2018 export seems pretty good as far as interoperability: everything shows up in SU and TC (2D, 3D and CAD Viewer). In TC CAD, the file can be edited with polylines, arcs, hatches and fills. It can even save the hatches and reopen them in SU (via TrimBim).

Trimble is kicking the doors off the barn!

Thanks for your efforts. I’ve been holding out for a long time for the day when interoperability became a reality. Can’t stand AutoCAD, personally. As well, will never own a PC, Microsoft OS still the equivalent of soiled toilet paper. Nice to know that Trimble, truly, is “kicking the doors off the barn!”.

I’m a bit anti-2D myself… but the ability to edit DWGs helps to bring the 2 together. At least for me.

For what it’s worth I tried importing your DWG into Trimble Connect (TC), then viewing using all 3 of the options (2D, 3D and CAD, on right in the image):

They all worked.

But importing directly into SU one sees the missing Notes and Dimensions:

So, I exported from TC as TrimBim (.trb) and imported that into SU.

That worked as far as importing into SU (though I realize you just want your people to be able to open it) and allows exporting in different DWG formats.

It’s worth noting that your original is capable of being edited, but some of the others are not:

Anyway, so there’s this powerful little tool tucked away that can help with DWGs. Trimble is also working on a “Trimble Drawing” software that allows creation of DWGs. It’s beginning to look as though pretty soon we’ll all be moving from toilet paper to sponges.

Is this really necessary? Can we just have a forum that solves modelling and interoperability issues and not have the constant CAD bashing and Microsoft trashing?

Some of us actually prefer AutoCAD, and some of us manage to get along fine in the Microsoft ecosystem. Do I have complaints? Yes. Could things be improved? Yes. I don’t know of anything that can’t be made better, and that includes SketchUp BTW.