Help pleaseeee

Hello guys,
Thank you for adding me.I have a big problem with my layout! When I export the 3D model from Sketchup 2018 PRO to layout and than exporting it from layout to PDF it makes my model all yellow.
Any help will be highly appreciated!

Also I tried to convert it to a vectorial drawing but it keeps bugging,I waited 2 hours and nothing happend to it. How can I make it vectorial?
What is the best style to use from sketchup,I usually use “lose marker” then changin it into a vectorial drawing in layout than exporting it into PDF. This dosen’t work anymore.

That’s likely due to the face color you have in the style. If you share the LayOut file we can help you sort that out.

That’s a complex model to render in vector. I would imagine it could take some time depending on your computer. What kind of graphics card does it have? i& is not a GPU.

There’s no point using a sketchy style if you are going to render as Vector.

Impossible to say without seeing the LayOut file. You might have a floor plane that is reversed. Or the white parts have no floor at all and your style displays the default material as yellow…

Indeed the withe parts have no floor.But how can I make the yellow white?
Can I add the layout file?

Very likely the LayOut file is too large to upload here. Upload it to Drop Box instead and share the link.

Unfortunately I don’t own Drop box :frowning:
The file is to large to upload here.

You can get free space on Drop Box. Or use Google Drive.

I will add it in a google drive folder and leave the link here.

You also need to make it so other people can access it.

That didn’t do it.

hope this works.This project it’s actaully my final project for university degree and I m very stressed out.

It didn’t help. You need to change the sharing settings.

It worked?

Yes. It’s downloading now.

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Thank you so much for your help!!

You’re welcome. We’ll see what we can do.

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