Hiding Geometry

I’m trying to export my sketchup model exactly as shown (it is also on the first floor of my model):

When I go to Export > 2D graphic it comes out like this:

It is also the same thing when I put it into Layout:

Does anyone know how to fix this?

This looks like a typical integrated graphics card issue. Could you share the SketchUp file so we can try on a different machine to compare the results?

ah I hope not, I’ve only just got this computer and I had issues with my graphics card and sketchup on the previous one. I’m also not using my integrated graphics card I’m using my nvidia one. The file is a bit big so I’ve attached it via a wetransfer link.

This is a png export from SketchUp:

Your entire model covers a huge area relative to what you are showing in the scene. Copy this building to a new file by itself and move it close to the origin. Or delete the rest of the model and save as a new file. This should help you work around the problem. If you do that remember to purge unused.

Your profile needs correcting then.

FWIW, you have a fair amount of incorrect tag usage. Probably mostly due to imported stuff.
Screenshot - 11_3_2022 , 8_24_40 AM

And there’s some stuff that could stand to be purged.
Screenshot - 11_3_2022 , 8_25_04 AM

I’ll try it thanks! do you still think it could be an integrated graphics issue or is this to do with the file itself?

Well if you aren’t using an integrated graphics card it wouldn’t be that although integrated graphics tend to be more problematic. I think your model, being spread out over a large area, again, relative to the small area you’re looking at, doesn’t help. OpenGL(the graphics software) can get confused when that happens.

Okay thanks for your help

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You have badly oriented planes in your model! This can cause problems, especially when rendering!

In your exported drawing, some horizontal surfaces are “transparent”. Just the ones that are mis-oriented.

The model is orientated based on where it is pointed in real life what sort of problems can this cause?

I’m still pretty new to sketchup so many feedback or things I could do better is appreciated

The surfaces in the model are misoriented, not the model in space! They should be white or gray, and those with a bluish tinge are not well oriented. Click on the floor to select it, then right click and select: Invert planes

I’ll do this, thanks

It’s a good idea to change the colors of the back side to make it more visible. For your model, select the Hidden Line 7 style, select the Edit tab and the Plane Setings tab

This style show you face orientation

I see the same issue when I export as pdf but not as png. I haven’t found a specific cause yet, though. It may be a bug in the pdf exporter. I don’t know why that would affect LayOut.

Here are some more suggestions to help improve your modeling.

  • The model contains multiple copies of components or groups scattered around the model space. With good use of tags to control visibility, this should not be necessary. Objects can all be placed at their real positions near the model origin and then selective views created by tags, scenes, and section cuts (note: only apply tags to components and groups, not to edges or faces).
  • The map group covers a lot more area than may really be needed to show the buildings’ locations. You might consider editing it to remove all but just what is really needed to show the locations. It’s also not clear why copies of the buildings need to be nested inside the map group (see previous comment).

Regarding @Sturnus comments, it is best practice to build a model in monochrome mode so that you can see and correct reversed faces as you go. Only apply materials to faces after you are sure they are correctly oriented with their front sides toward “air” and their back sides toward the inside of an object. Many of us use an obnoxious color for the back side of faces in the default material so that reversed faces are very evident (I see that he already showed you that).

Edit: looking at the title, I would also comment that SketchUp’s hidden flag should be used only for temporary assists while building a model and unhide applied as soon as no longer needed. SketchUp’s management of this flag is primitive and contains subtleties that trip novice users (e.g. “Unhide All” should really say “Unhide All in Current Edit Context” - it does not reach inside groups or components that are not open for edit!

The PDF exporter from SketchUp is a very different beast than the PNG or JPG exporters. Export to PDF or EPS creates a pure vector file. In my experience vector exports are more easily confused than raster that are just glorified screenshots. When a model is complex, vector elements are easily left out, or, for instance, stacked wrong in the resulting file.

I did a test by switching to Shaded with Textures and exporting to PDF. I got this:

I then opened the PDF in Illustrator and tried selecting all the gray “faces” in the floor area, and bringing them “to the front”. Result:

This trick cannot be used with the Hidden Line style as the export only has lines.