Issues exporting sketchup drawings

Hello everyone! I am a beginner in sketchup. I was trying to export some scenes from sketchup to autocad but I kept having issues with back edges, all the lines show up on autocad. It does the same once I try to convert layout(sketchup) to pdf. Sorry for my english, I am not a native speaker. I’m attaching a picture that will illustrate what I am talking about. I hope someone can help me, I would be grateful.

You should upload your model in order us to help you. It’s easier if we can see the model…

Thank you for your reply! As I am a new member of the community they did not allow me to upload more pictures. This is the front view that I was trying to export, for some reasons it shows all the back lines and components on autocad.

Try to export from layout with the viewport configured as vector not raster.

and make sure you don’t have checked the las item in this photo:

Are you exporting a 2D image or a 3D model? If you export to a 3D model it will export everything in your model, and if you view it in AutoCad in a normal 2D wireframe view, it will not hide anything. You can use the 2D Image export or use a hidden line style in AutoCad. I think that the 2D Image type export is what you are after in this case.

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I tried all this before, it didn’t work. Finally I had to use a previous version, now everything is fine. Thank you for your help tho.

I was exporting 2D, I tried everything but still couldn’t get rid of the lines. I finally had to used a previous version of sketchup in order to get what I needed. Thank you for replying!