Exporting DWG with Hidden Lines *Please Help!*

Hi all, I was wondering if there was any way to export my sketchup drawing as a dwg, with all of the hidden lines. I am going into the hidden line options but funnily enough there is no option for hidden lines. I am in pretty desperate need of this so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

The “back edges” style option is a raster effect that is only visible on your SketchUp screen.

To get a similar effect on AutoCad, you could do two exports: one with the display style set to Wireframe and the other as “Hidden line”. Then, in AutoCad, put the wireframe-exported lines on a layer with a dashed line type, and the hidden-line export on top of that in continuous lines. If it bothers you that there are now two lines on top of each other in many places, you can try the Overkill command.

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