Export hidden lines SU2020

Hi everyone,

Does anyone know a way to export hidden lines in DWG in SU2020?


Unhide/Unsoften the geometry.

Hi Dave,
I would like to export something like this, but also the dashed lines in the “back”

Oh. That’s different. Set the face style to Wireframe.

Are you exporting as 2D or 3D?

If you are doing 2D you get the back edges if you are in wireframe for Face Style.

No. “Hidden lines” are shown in raster graphics (on your screen and raster image exports ) only.
What you can do is to send the model to LayOut and place on top of each other two identical vector rendered views of the model: one with hidden lines and the other in wireframe with dashed lines. That can then be exported to DWG: