Trouble to export .dwg files


Hi, folks, I’m new here and I have an urgent problem and I need your help. I’m trying to export some dwg files in order to edit floor plans and other stuff in CAD. Although, I do the right procedure of using the paralel camera and setting the top view, but when I export it, those lines that should be hidden for being in the backside of the model are appearing on my dwg file. I’m freaking out because I’ve done this thing before and didn’t have any trouble, but now I just can’t.

Hope you guys have a solution. Thanks!


See @Anssi’s posts in this topic …


That worked! Thank you so much for helping. Just another question: Even though I set the pararel camera, the dwg file has some perspective lines. Do you know what could it be? Thanks again.


For a plan view you want both Parallel Projection and Camera > Standard Views > Top


that the cad file export is not problematic, should convert CAD files beforehand or save as to versi2000 before import into SU
hope it is usefu