Dwg export problem hidden lines

Hello everybody
In sketchup pro 15, I have to export a model in .dwg without showing the hidden lines. That usually works well.

In one of my model, I have 3 layers that cause problems: when I hide these 3 layers, the export works well as wished (without hidden lines)
Then I export the whole model with These 3 layers that cause Problem, the Export Shows every lines, also the hidden-ones.

I tried to copy to new layers, change styles, clean up the model… nothing. I tried to copy the components in new layers, rename the layers… nothing works, always the same problem. To solve this problem, I have to replace the components in the layers with a very simple component, like a cube!?!

Now the best: one of the layer that cause problem can be exported with expected results (without hidden lines) when every other layers are hidden!

Is there a Limitation in the quantity of edges that can be exported to .dwg and taking in charge the hidden lines?

Thanks for you help.

Best regards



Do you finally find a solution ? I have the same problem with my MAC OS…