Dwg export seems to be adding additional lines

I’m having an issue exporting this relatively simple sketchup file to a dwg file.

it doesn’t matter which export version for dwg i choose, the result is the same (currently autocad 18, but even up to release 14 is the same). it seems to be adding a bunch of lines on the left side of the model.there are no hidden lines there, neither x-ray nor the hidden geometry options show anything. I recreated it from scratch as well not using any special tools or commands. the pattern is solely on the surface for now.

this is how it looks like in autodesk viewer, the manufacturer i sent it to had similar issues (lines all over the place where they shouldn’t be on the left side of the model).

does anyone have an idea how to properly export this file or where the issue might be?
same behaviour in sketchup 23 and 24. (pro version)

model.skp (694.1 KB)
model.dwg (1.5 MB)

looks ok in Corelcad.

there´s a polyface mesh, but also linework with arcs and lines on top. Maybe delete some of that ?

:arrow_right: DWG file: model2.dwg (671.4 KB)

thanks for checking. not exactly sure what you mean with delete some of that. the linework needs to be on there so that the manufacturer can recreate this pattern on his machine :slight_smile:

yes. just is both the mesh and the lines needed? I dont know, but there is a double set of geometry.

I tried only exporting edges, but when I checked it afterwards in autodesk viewer, the 3d view was gone (even though i extracted as 3d in sketchup). is the dwg still “3d”, even though you only extract edges? maybe I misinterpreted the result.

see for yourself

yes, since it’s not just a flat metal sheet, we needed to draw the pattern as well as how the bending needs to look like. I kept the pattern just on the surface, since it usually just creates performance issues making proper cuts.

I already checked it beforehand :slight_smile: I uploaded it to the viewer, it too seems to be missing the 3d view. As far as I can tell I only get to select 3d view when I export it with faces selected. I just wasn’t sure if this actually affects the dwg, or if this is just a viewer issue.

with faces selected

only with edges

I imported that dwg file into SketchUp and it looks is 3D (without faces), as you can see in the first image.

ah, I see. thank you for the help, then we’ll just extract it like this in the future :slight_smile:

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