DXF Export from Sketchup has extra lines in RDWORKS


So im trying to export a design from sketchup. This is not something I have designed but been supplied that I imported into sketchup for some editing.

As you can see from the Sketchup image, its clean lines etc

Once imported into RDWorks alot of extra lines are added or broken. Most noticeable on the skull and donut. I exported as both a 2d and 3d model and same issue both times.

What would cause such a drastic difference? I have some understanding sketchup doesnt do smooth arcs but breaks them into multiple segments etc so that will have something to do with it but how do I get around this in terms of keeping single lines?

Ive had a look through the forums and online but im not finding anything that matches the same issue. Ideally id like what I see on sketchup to actually be what is imported into RDworks, instead of all the extra geometry.

Any help will be useful.

It looks like it hasn’t been flattened, although you did state that you exported a 2d file so that should be flattened.

Can you post the SketchUp file (or an extract of it).

Did you set the Camera to Parallel Projection and the appropriate Standard View before exporting?