Problem with export in DWG without showing the hidden lines

Hi everybody,

I have a problem with my axonometric exports.
For example, I want to export a part of my drawing without showing the hidden lines.
But when i do “export 2D”/“dwg” with my Sketchup 2017 with my MAC OS, the export shows every lines, also the hidden-ones.

I tried to change of styles of Sketchup etc, but nothing works.

Someone have a solution ?

Thanks a lot,
Best regards,

(PS : Sorry for my bad English)

If you are exporting as a 3D model, everything in your model gets exported, and what AutoCad shows on its screen is dependent on the display style it uses. In your screenshot, the style seems to be 2D Wireframe.
If you get this result when exporting a hidden line view as a 2D export, you should check for updates relating to your graphics card driver (on a PC, from the graphics card manufacturer, on a Mac, they come from Apple via OS updates).

I realize that with the new version of MAC (MAC OS Sierra), the export works well.

Thanks a lot Anssi !!

Best regards,

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