Exporting a (large) 2D DWG drawing results in messy hidden geometry (SKP PRO 2020 MAC OS)


I’ve been at this for a couple of days now and I can’t seem to find the solution anywhere, so I decided to give the forum a shot myself.

I have put in models of furniture and lighting elements that I bought and will be implementing in this project, so logically I would like to have them in my architectural drawings too.

The problem is that whenever I export a 2D DWG of the whole thing, not only does it take 15m+ (it took up to an hour before I cleaned it and deleted all mats/textures), but it adds additional unwanted hidden geometry lines and ruins the export (it does this in an all views: plan/section/elev/axo)

I know that my model has a huge number of edges which I know contributes to the long export times, but I am confused as to why it adds unwanted hidden geometries. When I export the imported models on their own (from the same file) it does nothing out of the ordinary. I’ll link screenshots example of both situations.

Here is a lamp when exported just on its own and when I export the whole building

This happens with all the furniture I’ve brought in.

Here is a google drive link of my model, and thanks in advance for any help.

Testing Model Without Textures

Not to seem like a choosing beggar, but I am a bit short on time, so I’d greatly appreciate any quick guidance.