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I have created a full set of house plans in LayOut via a SketchUp model. Very steep learning curve, many mistakes along the way, but I am happy with the results. Two tiny things that I can’t solve, both in one viewport on the first page (the plan view). Viewport 1 is 1st floor, Viewport 2 is 2nd. At the very beginning, the first time I inserted the 2nd floor model, the actual “floor” face was white. The next time I opened the project, and every subsequent time since, it is grey. (I like to have my wall framing/horizontal section in grey for contrast). That face has always been white in the model, and I’m 100% sure there is no loose/unclosed geometry that would cause it to be anything other than white. I’ve tried a million different things (re-render, re-paint, etc.) and nothing does the trick. If this rings any bells with anyone, I’d appreciate any help, as I’d like to get it to the printers soon. I can figure out how to upload the model if that would help.
The second little blip is that, at some point when I opened that same viewport, the next time I closed it, it left a heavy line weight grey box where the SketchUp Model box is (the default light blue colour). It just sits there on the plan, unrelated to any actual geometry or annotations. If I try to select it to delete, all that happens is the SketchUp model box opens.
OK, thanks in advance for any advice!
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It would be a whole lot easier to help you if you share the LayOut file.

Drag and drop the LO file into a reply. If it’s too large to upload here, upload it to DropBox and share the link.

Is the second floor model a separate SketchUp file from the first floor? Or are they from the same SketchUp file? Note that you should not insert the same SketchUp file into layout more than once.

Hi! Thanks for the quick reply! Both floors come from the same model. I have learned about the inserting thing the hard way. Is it inadvisable to try and get all your plans/elevations/sections from one single model? What I’ve been doing is making copies of the original for the different views, but this always ends up being a quagmire of many saved/copied/slightly re-named files. I’m almost too embarrassed to upload it because of the mess…
(if I do, do forum members only have access to the specific model that each viewport is currently linked to?)
Next project will be much more streamlined in that regard!

No. Actually that’s usually the best option.

This is not the best approach. That results in multiple SketchUp files and makes management much more difficult. You should be creating scenes in a single SketchUp file and then using those scenes for the viewports in the LayOut file. Insert the one SketchUp file once. Then copy the viewport and change the scene as needed for each viewport.

I expect we’ve seen worse. If you’d rather not make the LO file public, go ahead and click on my name. Then click Message and send it to me privately.

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I think for this one, I’ll DM you, and thanks for giving me that option.
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