Help Modeling a Giant Red Spoon

Hi! I’m Josh from Ontario, Canada… First time posting here in the Sketchup Community.
I’m the draftsman for a national sign company in the Toronto area and I’ve been tasked with modeling this 11 foot tall spoon for a national fast food chain that I can’t mention because of NDA.

They haven’t provided me much to go on except for a few low-res images and I’ve been trying for days to get the shape right. I’m especially having a hard time shaping the curved back of the spoon’s bowl.

I’ve tried “quad” modeling and “section” modeling but I’m afraid I’m not very good at it. I’ve also tried using Chris Fullmer’s Shape Bender extension with some luck but its still not exactly the shape that the client is looking for.

Would love some advice on the best ways to get a nice smooth round shape on the back. Thanks!

11ft Spoon.dxf (14.5 KB) DQ Next Gen Rebrand - Big Red Spoon.skp (917.1 KB)

I haven’t had time to look at your dxf or .skp files but I traced the side view of the spoon in the image. Does that look close? I used FredoSpline from Sketchucation to draw the curves.

Thanks… I’ve managed to trace the vectors in the DXF file that was attached.


I can’t quite get the side view to match up with the front view though. And since the client couldn’t provide any back view or bottom view, I’m just guessing at the curve of the bowl on the back…

I have to get started with an online student shortly so I don’t have time to dive into this fully but it looks like you have a pretty decent representation of the spoon. Since these things already exist I assume you just need to make a respectable version that could be used in a larger model of the store. It seems like you’ve got that. I would model an ellipsoid and intersect it with the spoon shape. Then erase what isn’t spoon.

The side view appears to show a hidden line (the bowl interior) with a solid line

Yes, the client’s original PDF document did contain some hidden vector lines that I found a little confusing when trying to align the side view to the face view.

11’ Spoon [Unlocked].pdf (194.0 KB)

Check out this video… about 45 minutes in… SUbD workflow… but another option!

Thanks! I’ve downloaded some of the SUbD extensions and watched MANY of your videos… I think this is where I’m heading next but still having trouble wrapping my brain around modelling this way!

Spoons and spouts are astonishingly trippy in SketchUp.

Here’s my potentially helpful version of the bowl, just taking the long arc of the profile and follow-meing it into a round, then scaling it with a reference circle to match the oval and then thickening it with clothworks because joint push-pull still confuses me, and finally trimming with Solid Tools *edit - copy + paste-in-paste and scale .83 green .93 red and .5 blue, then draw two edges to form face works just as well. From here I would look at curviloft to extrude the profile from the center of the bowl into the handle.

*edit, oof, the bowl shape is not as simple as it looks, my upload used the wrong starting profile

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This is an old file but some tricks might help you.

Click in sequence on the scenes tabs of this SU file for ideas.

Spoon.skp (369.2 KB)

For SUbD - spoon (SU2017).skp (7.1 MB)

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Wow thank you! This looks like almost exactly what I need… Subdividing & smoothing makes the model SO heavy on my system though. The low polygon version is a great example of quads - really helps me to understand this modeling method better. Cheers!

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