Need Help with complex model

I am still learning this great software and need some help. I am trying to model a wheel barrow bucket with curve front, sided and bottom, but I cannot figure out how to get this done. Can someone help me.
want to do something like this :point_down:t6:

The version in your image is very organic. Organic modeling, either with Vertex Tools or Sub-d extensions, is more of an art than a science. You have to learn how to “cook” the geometry. Blender is more of an app where you can find a step-by-step walkthrough to achieve a particular elegant, organic, “real-world” shape in mere minutes.

But what about a version that isn’t quad-y or organic? Not very hard in sketchup. Just make a trapezoid.

Screen Shot 2021-01-22 at 17.04.33

Add some big curves and little curves, and push-pull. Delete the top face.

Turn on hidden geo if you need. Play around with scale some more.

Make a profile for the flare on the top and the curve on the bottom.

Follow me with the top edge and top profile and bottom edge and bottom profile. You’ll likely need to triple-click your geo and Right Click > Intersect Faces > With Selection, then use Erase tool to clean up the bottom. You might try Fredo Round Corner as a workaround here, but I find that native Follow-Me makes for an easier to clean result.

Raise up the bottom here, or go back to before the follow-me and experiment with raising it then.

Smooth your edges. Viola. Not terribly messy. Should be able to thicken it into a solid with Joint Push Pull or Clothworks extensions without much trouble.

Screen Shot 2021-01-22 at 17.30.41


It’s not really quads, just a more complex mesh, probably made with curviloft or similar.

I’m probably abusing the term according to the SketchUp definition. I’ll edit that preamble. Curviloft but with that triangulation?.. I more just assumed it was an imported Blender mesh to begin with.

Something like this
Curviloft tri

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Right - I haven’t seen Curviloft selectively triangulate according to, like, profile angles, though. But in Blender or SU Vertex Tools you will arrive at that with proportional editing, was my thinking.

We could speculate endlessly, you have shown a good way to do it so lets leave it there.

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THANKS @Box N @brianmowrey I feel alot better now that U have shown me the way. I will definitly try the curvloft extension and see the results with that.

Thanks again guys. :v:t6:

Right, curviloft can skin the whole thing with just four half-profiles (I didn’t even try the whole shape because I assumed it would result in twisting)…

Screen Shot 2021-01-23 at 7.43.29

But I don’t quite like the result as much as the follow-me method.