How to modeling organic shapes (Hub of Wind) from PDF

Can you guide me or make some tutorail for how to modeling organic shapes like SKP file as attached PDF drawing. or what the plugin can modeling that?

Do you have any more images of it?

Yes I already attached in post

Ok I have to delete file replaced by image

It’s not a lot more help but…

If I had to model something lik this I would divide the shape into parts and use Bool Tools 2 to combine them. In this case a sphere and the part where the base of the blade goes in.

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Click in sequence on the scenes tabs of this SU file for ideas.

Windmill hub.skp (705.6 KB)

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Thanks for all ideas. I can make it done

If you need better control over the edges, round shapes and bevels

3D model: test-07b.skp (2.3 MB)

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And for those who want to learn and understand the logic and technique behind working with quads for such a shape


Thank you and can you make tutorials for shape as I pointed? Model as you attached all make from SubD?

You’re welcome!

The model is created with default SketchUp tools (Circle, Follow me) and Vertex Tools. SUbD provides parametric subdivisions.

I also put a tutorial on how to work with quads, imagine that you replace the big cylinder with a sphere in which you create 3 or 4 holes, using octagons placed as necessary (in your case, at 120 degrees).

Turn on the ‘Layer 1’ tag and you will see the basic shape, which is actually a third of a sphere. In this way you can see that you need a sphere that you create starting from two circles with 12 segments each.

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