What's is the best way to do this curved "shell" shape?

Is a curved part of a chair. It’s a little curved and has a kind of shell “elliptical” shape

I’m sure people will come with smarter ways to do it, but…
I’m lazy

I would probably draw it flat. There is a simple extension to make ellipsis
You don’t actually need to be super precise from the start, since you can simply deform it with the scale tool.
(and yes, I realise that technically, a circle that you scale will make an ellipsis. even better)

The top and bottom curves looks different, so I would cut my ellipsis in half, and make one half have a bigger curve.

Once you have the flat shape, a quick pushpull. and group it.

Finally, I would use another extension, TrueBend (it’s also on the main page of the extension warehouse). It would curve the ellipsis to my tase.

its like this but now I need
it to be in the elliptical shape

cadeira.skp (223.1 KB)

Thank you my friend, could you do a short quick video showing it?

so as you can see, I start from a circle, with the scale tool, I make it an ellipse.

I cut it in half, and make the bottom rounder. Off course, I could do it with dimensions and ratios, or in my case, freehand.

Then I make it thick.

Then I put it vertical, and I group it. And lastly, I use truebend. Truebend will curve the red axis of the model. if I had my shape in a different position before creating the group, it would have bent in a different way. If true bend bends the thing in an incorrect way, you can either rotate your object, explore and regroup, or change the axis INSIDE the group.
you’ll probably make a wrong curve once or twice and you’ll get the hang of it.


thank you! very smart.

why when you tried to rotate this line appeared? how it works? :thinking:

uhhh SU grabbed on something I guess.

I forced the rotation to be on the red side using the right arrow of my keyboard, then it was simply a 90° rotation.
not sure what it grabbed on :smiley:

Then you may use the Follow Me tool with an arc or half circle or any other shape around the ellipsoid shape before bending.

Maybe ?

you mean to round up the edge ? yeah, sure, didn’t think of that, I was more focused on the actual pringle’s geometry than the final result (as a chair backrest)
to keep the polycount low, maybe a simple 4-5 sided arc + smoothing would do (or more if you don’t care about the complexity). or a quick trip in fredo/round corner land.