TrueBend extension, change direction bend? (image included)

I want to change the corner that I will bend. For example, I want to bend the note above along its longer line (height) instead of the width of the note.

Let me know what is the best way to bend the note thanks.

True bend needs to be aligned with the red axis, and it needs to be made that way. So you need to rotate the shape so that it is positioned on the red axis the way you want and then group it. You can always just add an edge to group the original with to make a group aligned to the red. Or explode and regroup if you already have a group and it can be exploded.

Or are you looking for a shape more like this.


woa, that’s even better . Thanks! ^^

How are you getting that to bend in the Z axis?

Click and drag to set the axis of rotation, then set the length of the bend with a click, then bend and finish with a click.

I made tutorials on “how to bend shapes”.
Display the subtitles in your language.
I have a tutorial on TRUEBEND, on FREDOSCALE. Hoping this is what you were looking for.

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