Truebend is not bending correctly?

I would like to make gear wheel from a gear line by copying the gear line and
make the copy bent with truebend to a gear wheel.

My intentions I have drawn in attached pic with a orange pen.
When I try Truebend, it bends in a twisted manner not intended.
I set the axis as shown in the pic (see the red handle)

Please tell me what I am doing wrong?

Share the SketchUp model file with is so we can see how you have it set up.

What kind of gear are you trying to make?

Truebend will only bend correctly when aligned on the red axis.
You can move the red axis but you need to bend it pulling toward you or away not up or green.


Thanks for answer so quickly. I wasnät expecting that :-)I have aligned to the red axis which is shown in the picture. See the red handle

Here is my skp file

gear band - gear wheel.skp (45.2 KB)

Note the red axis.

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Or if you wanted this, it is just another choice of orientation.

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Oh my God thank you so much
I never realized that I had to rotate the whole object and place it towards the world’s axis red

Does this mean that I cannot edit the axis in the component

Which is why I asked what kind of gear the OP is trying to make. That question was ignored.

@goran.celion you should take a few seconds to look at the tutorial videos on the page at the Extension Warehouse.

You can move the axis and it will adjust the axis of the bend, but it still needs to be on the red global.

It’s not about the component’s local axes.
It is about the red axis one level up.

Thank you so much.

Sorry for not awering the type of gear wheel. I simply didn’t understand what “types” there are to choose from :frowning :frowning:
But now I am happy. :slight_smile: Thanks again all you guys :slight_smile:


You can see here how moving the red axis back will change the radius of the bend.
Bottom red is at the front edge, next middle, top back edge.
But for predictable bends they need to align to the red global.
You can do that with something that has a different axis by simply adding an edge and making a group to bend, then explode and delete the extra edge.

Probably not worth going into since you’re satisfied with what you have but, does the gear have to do something? Are you 3D printing the gear model?

No printing. Only trying to make use of MsPhyics later :slight_smile:

nice job :slight_smile:

OK. So it doesn’t need to look like a real gear. If it did there are easier ways to model them.

I hope you realize MsPsyics does not work in any version after 2017.

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Yes I do :slight_smile:

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You should grant @Box the “Solution” badge, not me. That was just a remark about axes
For instance post nr. 6 or nr. 13

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