Spoon Modeling Techniques and Ideas

Spoons #1.skp (182.5 KB)

The screenshot shows my self-critique of three spoons. I’m developing a style and am interested in improving it. I’ve used tools like Circle, Scale, 2-Point Arc, Follow Me, Dave Method among others. I like carving wood spoons.

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One possible method in SketchUp for Web (Free, Go, iPad)


Nice work @Royce !!
I think the handles look a bit strange though…

I like the way you made a grid and then diagonals to tweak the shape. I have to practice that.

Yes, transition and too cylindrical.

Me too!! :slight_smile:

I mean the curves…
The spoons I know don’t have handles that are bended…

Click in sequence on the scenes tabs of this SU file for ideas.

Please notice that I created this file in 2014 as an exercise to use SU without plugins to learn how to use the basic tools.

Spoon.skp (369.2 KB)

Or like this…


Thanks for the skp. Still good technique today.

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Yes, I like using scale too like you did. I will keep practicing. I’m going to post what I did meanwhile on the Royce’s Models thread.