Help me thicken the Dome

Hi every one
I am modeling this dome.When I import this to lumion , from inside out it get transparent i do some research and find out lumion convert one side of single walls into transparent for performance perpose.So the problem is i need to add thickness the OUTER WALL of the dome.I have try fredo joint push pull to add thickness but no luck as this tool acting weired or may be I dont know much about the tool…

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Make another concentric dome with radius bigger (or smaller) by the thickness you want. Reverse faces as necessary to get front faces inside the inner, and outside the outer one.

Make both together into a component, and explode either or both domes if needed to get both into same context.

Draw a line between their rims to create a face across the bottom. Delete the face inside the inner circle.

Texture or colour as needed.

ok i will see how that comes out.But what about fredo6 joint push pull?

In principle that should work, but I don’t know why it didn’t for you.

Did you turn on hidden geometry? Don’t think it works on a smoothed curved face otherwise.

Not at computer now so can’t try it

I am waiting in that case let me know when you find the problem.Meantime i will try above method.

Some time tomorrow - it’s past bedtime here in UK.

Ohh i see.Good Night then.!

Does this help.

When I try, it appears to work. But then when I click the green tick, I get an error message.

On my second attempt, it worked.
Dome - thickened (1.8 MB)
Does your model need to have quite so many faces?

could you plz save it in 2016 and send me again.

I dont know how to reduce them.

Of course. Sorry, I read your profile then forgot.

Dome - thickened 0.05m (1.4 MB)

Did you draw the dome to begin with? If so, you could redraw it with fewer segments.

If you imported it from somewhere else, it’s harder.

Or you could create the thickness in the first place by drawing a cross section, a circle with fewer segments, and use FollowMe.

I do draw it but the problem was that I have to stick with these segment.I dont want to mess with my other models it will get complex… :smirk:

Is this going to be part of a larger model? If so, and your other components are similarly over-detailed, it will get very large and very slow to edit, quite quickly.

And why do you need the very fine detail with very large numbers of very small faces on the black stripes? Overkill, for almost all purposes I can think of. A painted one-smoothed-face stripe would look almost indistinguishable from any distance beyond extreme close up.

Beautifully drawn, but too detailed in my view, unless you have a very specific reason for needing the detail.

I am new to sketchup so want to learn it but not go so far to make it complex , its different then max so may be in the end I bring my model in max do retopology and use my existing model to generate normal map and so on.

Nope it doesnt work… :confused:

What doesn’t work? Fredo’s Joint PushPull? Or my 2016 upload?

I don’t understand from your animation. What ‘doesn’t work’?
Here is one from Thomthom. It will create a shell on the inside of the object you need. You set the thickness in the VCB and it said to double click. I find just hitting Return / Enter key works better. Info he provides in the link…Peace…

as you see when I remove the bottom of the dome there is no thickness added in the dome just a circle smaller then dome which has a face … my goal is to add thickness on the outer side of the dome,or to be precise draw another dome of bigger radius (which is sketchup usually do when we push pull a face … )