Giving Thickness To A Compound Roof Plane

So, I’ve really never used any plugins, just the native SUp tools. In the past, to give these roofs a thickness, I’ve just copied the compound roof plane up 2", then manually stitched it together, on this roof ,that’s a lot of work!

1 Roof.skp (113.0 KB)

what’s an easier / better way to do this!

Try joint push pull from fredo if you want to do it faster, it’s on sketchucation, you must install the latest sketchucation store plugin to be able to use Fredo’s plug-ins.

You can cut your stitching down to under 25 lines on this one. Not too bad.

Just in case you weren’t taking advantage of copying:

Have a look at Tigs Extrusion tools if you are after a free option.
GIF 4-12-2023 1-35-41 PM


Contours in the Sandbox would do that easily.
No plugins required.

Edited to clarify:
create one side of the roof face with contours.
copy and paste it lower to the thickness required.
a few lines between the two faces to infill it, will then create the thickness.
copy the half and use the scale tool to create the opposite side of the roof.
less than a couple minutes.

The OP is asking for a fast way to give thickness to a mesh not ways to create a mesh.

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Hey Dave, could you show me how you softened all the edges, before doing the Copy / Move??

Select the geometry, right click and choose Soften/Smooth Edges

How do you select the geometry, without selecting the 4 outer edges Dave> You don’t triple click the roof plane?

Sure. I just triple clicked on it with the Select tool. The perimeter edges don’t get softened because they are the preimeter edges and the angle between face normals once the thickness is created is greater than 20°