Add thickness to a surface

Is there a plugin to add thickness to a curved surface or a process?
Thanks for any help.

There is the plugin JPP (joint push pull) by Fredo6.

Thanks that did the trick. I already had it and just forgot about it.

You should never forget a Fredo6 plugin :wink:

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We are attempting to do this in the SketchUp for Schools platform, which doesn’t seem to accomodate plugins. Is there a way to add thickness to surfaces in SketchUp for Schools? Thanks!!

without plugin you will have to offset/copy the curved surface and do the stitches, I’m afraid ! Or try to create the same surface from a profile with the follow-me tool

Thanks for your reply. I actually just found that I can press Option to toggle between adding a new face in order to ‘extrude’ it. Looks like the SketchUp folks anticipated my need!