Joint Push Pull with Pro 2020

Hi, I am trying to add thickness to a curved shape. I understand from previous threads that Fredo6 Joint push pull should do this, but this no longer seems to be available from the warehouse. When I use the joint pull tool from the warehouse I get the attached result which creates a break at each joint on the surface as the pull is purely normal to the surface. Is there another tool available?

Curved Peak for cap.skp (213.7 KB)

Fredo’s extensions are hosted at Sketchucation.

In addition to installing the current version of Joint Push/Pull, remember to install the latest LibFredo6 from Sketchucation, too.

And make sure you are using the correct options in the tool. This is in SU2020.

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Many thanks for your swift response. That does the job nicely. I have loaded the interactive version v4.4e - it has quite a different interface but has done the job as required.