Joint Push Pull

I am working on terrain exercises in the Seattle Park tutorial and am having trouble with the Joint Push Pull lesson. Every time I try to add a thickness to the curved sidewalk using Joint Push Pull,
I end up with a 3" thick sidewalk without a top. Sides and bottom are there but no top surface.
Getting very frustrated.
An suggestions
would be greatly appreciated.


Check the settings at the top that you have both faces.


Looks Like @Box’s solution should work best but worst case scenario, you can always copy the walk surface, run Joint or Vector Push Pull, then ‘Paste in place’ the original surface back on top.

Thank you for such a fast reply.
I have been working on the Seattle Park design in the SketchUp training videos and have been stuck on this for a week.
Pulling my hair out as they say.

I am a happy boy now

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Hi Eric,
Thank you so much. I have gotten 2 replies to my problem. When I submitted, I thought that hopefully I might get an answer in a week or so.
Certainly not the same day.

Thank you so much!


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One the beauties of this forum is the large number of very active volunteers. So many of us spend obsessive amounts of time watching that replies within minutes are frequent!


No Problem. This is my course that I created so it’s good for me to know where any issues might occur for people so I can fix them now and for future courses. Don’t wait a week next time to reach out if you get stuck again :wink:

You created the Seattle Park lesson?
It is very well done and a great learning tool.
I usually get up at around 4 in the morning and work on that lesson with my dog at my side giving me encouragement before I head out to work.

I am a landscape designer and use LandFX which is also a great program. I love how the two programs interact with each other. My goal is to get proficient in SketchUp as the little bit of rendering that I have done with SketchUp really helps my clients understand what all the circles and squiggly lines in my 2-D designs really represent. However, I am self teaching the program so progress can get a bit bogged down as in Montrose CO, there aren’t any formal classes offered.
So, thank you for being there to help me when I get stumped.


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I’ll respond via PM so we can keep this thread on topic.