Possible to push/ pull on terrain surfaces, with or without extensions?

Hi All

Would anyone know if it’s possible to push/ pull on terrain surfaces, with or without plugin extensions?

Essentially I’m looking to model the thickness of sidewalks in a model. However, as the ground is not flat, I’ve modeled sidewalks using the terrain tool. I can use the Stamp tool to form foundations for buildings, but for the sidewalks I understand SketchUp’s own Push/Pull “cannot Push/ Pull curved or smooth surfaces” - but perhaps someone can recommend a suitable plugin extension?

I’ve Fredo6’s Joint Push/ Pull plugin but to no avail when attempting this, although maybe I’m not using that correctly.

Thanks in advance

Fredo’s JointPushPull should work fine. Can you post more info as to why that’s not working for you? To answer your question, there is no way using native tools to give a curved surface thickness.

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Eric, I am eternally grateful - thank you and for so prompt a reply
Not sure if my WIP image will post but on my way to making progress with my model now
Have a great week

Great. Good luck!