Plugin that make it possible to push/pull curved or smoothed surfaces?

I tried to look on google but I couldn’t find. Are there any or a way to do this?

Do you mean the Follow-me tool?

nope…need it to be like push/pull because the objects that I want to do this are all with organic shapes

If you search SketchUp’s YouTube channel for quad modeling and subdivision modeling, you should find what you’re looking for. The SubD plugin is great

Joint Push/Pull from Fredo6 at Sketchucation.


100 percent agree with Dave
Search for Fredo6 under Authors on
It’s called Joint Push Pull. It’s a paid extension, but worth every penny. Not expensive. Check out all of his extensions. This guy’s a genius, always updating and adding new stuff.

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thank you very much guys!

are there any free extensions that does it?

Not that I’m aware of. The cost of Joint Push/Pull isn’t very much and will easily repay the cost in time saved in your modeling.


Depending on the geometry, there are ways to get the same result using native tools.