Extensionstore - latest version

I have bought some extensions from @fredo6 and the purchase has been successful - now I try to follow installation guides -but fails on the upgrade of Sketchucation ExtensionStore.

Can anyone please guide me on how to get this solved? Please :slight_smile:

Hi Susanne,

You should already have the Sketchucation Extension Store tool. Open it and use it to download and install the latest version of the tool. Then quit and restart SketchUp to ensure the extension is fully loaded.

You can filter for the Sketchucation tool in the top center dropdown. Then click o the red install button.

Thanks Dave! I thought I did this earlier today - but apperantly not… :exploding_head:

Did it work this time? Did you restart SketchUp after the first time you tried it?

Yes it worked - I followed your instruction and restarted SU :slight_smile:


Now I sit here trying to figure out how to push/pull the terrain to a solid geometry where I can extrude buildings and walls…
Trying to find the option where I can get an even surface at the bottom of the push/pull activity…

If you spend some time at The Learning Center, you will learn how to use the tools to get what you want. (interactive tutorials) Also, go to The SketchUp YouTube Channel and pay attention to the Square One series. Both are sponsored by the SketchUp Crew and well worth the time spent there.

Thank you so much for the tip on Learning center! I will definitly check it out. I am already among the follower to SU on youtube and look a lot on square one :slight_smile: Aaron is great!

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First, basics of SketchUp at learn.sketchup.com

They are two different things.

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Thank you mihai.s! You show it so clearly! Now I have got the toposhaper to work and made a solid group from that :slight_smile:


Also, because TopoShaper is available only from SketchUcation > PluginStore/ExtensionStore³ why haven’t you posted your ‘problems’ there ?
There are dedicated threads in its forums, and you might be more likely to receive help from there - rather than the more general membership here ??

Good and valid point TIG. My only reason is that I am not so good in navigating in the different forums and stores. I struggle just to navigate among the few topics I have posted here. I struggle just to download extensions and install them.
I am a star when it comes to design gardens and choose plants for different locations - but I am a terrible beginner in SU not to mention the “technical” issues around SU.
However I am slowly but surly learning. It was the very first extension I downloaded and paid for. Honestly I find it so confusing that there are two different stores for extensions… :exploding_head: Happy that I managed through that process… Sorry for not posting in correct forum… Eventually I hope to get it right! When learning this I wish I was 30 years younger than what I am :wink: