Please help me. Joint push and pull for site

plessss.skp (448.3 KB)
My joint pull and push extension expired and i am not in the situation to buy it. Please if u have this extension please help me and push my contours upwards 1m. starting from the bottom contour 1m and increasing with each. if u know how to smooth it too please help me.

Delete all smooth edges and use PushPull

with extension Selection Toys

thank you so much user @mihai.s. u r helping me once again. and not that u care but its the same project as last time (u helped me last time too). i couldnt pass my project. got any tips on how to improve sketchup skills. i think i will fail next semester too if i dont improve

You’re welcome!

Basics of SketchUp at:

With a semester at your disposal, you have time to learn the basics. Then it should be easier for you.


]i still got one last review to improve only then is my fate decided. thank youuuu. i will surely check em out. thankyou very much