Joint Push Pull Not showing

Trying to complete the Landscape and Site Design and I’m getting stuck on the Hard Landscaping Exercise. I’ve downloaded the Fredo Tools and LibFredo6 but cannot find Joint Push Pull.
What have I missed?
Thanks in advance

Did you get the latest versions from Sketchucation? Did you install them, too? Did you restart SketchUp after you installed them?

Note that Joint Push/Pull also requires the current version of the Sketchucation Extension Store tool to be installed.

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Yes I got the latest version from SketchUcation and my workstation crashes everytime I load an extension so it has been restarted.
What is the SketchUcation Extension Store Tool? I cannot find it in Extension warehouse or on SketchUcation.
As I side note I’ve actually loaded the Joint Push Pull Extension from SketchUcation and it now shows in SketchUp.

It won’t be in the Extension Warehouse. Go to the Plugin Store at Sketchucation. Choose Sketchucation as the author and it’ll be the only option you have.

Even though it shows up now, after you install the ExtensionStore tool, open it in SketchUp and use it to install both LibFredo6 and Joint Push/Pull. That way the extensions will be added to your bundle and the Sketchucation ExtensionStore will help to keep track of updates when they come around.

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Thanks, found it, installed and logged in.
As I’ve already installed the Fredo and Joint Push Pull extensions, do I have to uninstall and reinstall through ExtensionStore tool?

You don’t have to uninstall them. Just install them again using the Sketchucation tool. That will make the license manager work for Joint Push/Pull and as I wrote, make managing updates easier as well as when it comes time to update to the next version of SketchUp.

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Thanks DaveR, all done.

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