Joint push pull extension not showing

Hi There I’m new here.
So I install the Joint Push Pull extension form the sketchucation extension. the tollbar didn’t show up and in the extension drop menu it didn’t show up as well.
I did a search on my c drive and I found the file with all the data and the graphic for the extension. how can I bring it to the App?


Joint Push Pull should show up in Tools menu>Fredo6 Collection submenu
Did you install the required LibFredo helper extension? Have you a license for Joint Push Pull?

In addition to what @Anssi says…
Also ensure you have the latest version of the SketchUcation toolset installed to get the current licensing set up etc [v4.2.9] and of course the latest versions of the extension itself and the Lib.
After everything is installed you need to restart SketchUp to get everything properly synced…

Thanks guys you helped me lot. LibFredo was missing