A little help please inserting dome into rectangle

I am trying to figure out how to take this inverted dome and insert it into the rectangle so that when finished the hole remains open (imagine dropping a small marble into the hole).
Each time I try the top of the “cup” or hole becomes one with the rectangle and I can’t seem to open it back it.
Any help would be appreciated in explaining how to achieve this.
help1.skp (1.9 MB)

Like this?

You need to use the intersect tool, both models need to be exploded before you can do that.

Also the half cylinder mesh is quite detailed, did you make it or download it?

Yes thats exactly what I am after. I made the dome with a 3D shapes extension.
I will go learn some intersect now! Thanks for the help

Ok let me know if you need better instructions, but if you Google/Youtube ‘SketchUp Intersect’ or ‘Solid Tools’ (although ST are better used in more complex circumstances than this) then you should be good.

I don’t currently have Pro version so ST stuff is out. I will try to learn how to do this with "Intersect " that I see on the context menu.

If you lower your polygons in the “cup”, then SketchUp might run faster. It’s something worth considering if you’re going to make lots of copies.

Yeah its no problem, I used intersect for that example. You just need to work on how you created the half cylinder shape.

Ok I managed to do this…
Made a inverted dome with a lot less stuff in it.
Dropped it inro a new rectangle and selected and intersected face with model.
Then I took push pull and pulled top down.
Am I anywhere near doing that right?help3.skp (103.9 KB)

Here you go: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ZuSKGOJ7N6w_u9MfWH0dnlYSQtbEruRq

Awesome! Now let me try that. I was heading the right direction but missed a few things.

Success! Man you made it look easy. And actually it was easy lol. I will continue to learn more about this intersect tool. Seems to have a lot of uses.
Thank you! Much appreciated…

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