Reduce thickness of rounded object?

Using Sketchup2017 here. I made this object and realized that with 4mm thick walls, I could likely reduce it a mm or two. But Obviously the push/pull mechanism won’t work. Is there a simple way at this point to reduce the thickness, or do I have to start from scratch again? thx!

It would take about 5 seconds to do it from 0.

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Joint Push/Pull could do that. You can get it from Sketchucation.

For a simple shape like that it might be easiest to re-model it.

You could also screw around with scaling just the surface you want to change. It would work but I expect starting over would be much faster.

I was thinking about your screenshot. You might want to remodel that dome anyway to make it smoother like the part above it.

I’m really bad at building out domes, couldn’t figure out how to reduce the wall size or smooth it out (smoothing the arc like I would in a circle didn’t seem to work). I think the push/pull extension worked but will check wall thickness when I have the 3D guy load it into his printer.

I’m not sure I fully understand how these things translate into 3D objects from a wall thickness perspective. Eg. if you make an object (say a rectangle) 1" thick using the standard push pull tool, but delete one end of the rectangle, it is “hollow” in Sketchup. But when it is printed, has fill to it.

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