3d printing thickening walls

This vehicle is a STL import, soften and smoothed.
I removed the windows and now I don’t have a solid which is no use for 3d printing.
I have played with Extension Projection to get the windows to push pull.
Just wondering if the is a way to thicken the internals as the model stands?

Truck01.skp (6.3 MB)

You could do it but I expect it would be a whole lot of work to get cleaned up to make it printable. Try Joint Push/Pull by Fredo6 from Sketchucation. If you haven’t already, scale it up first. That’ll help avoid the tiny face issue.

Thanks DaveR.
Tried joint push pull, as you say so much hassle and cleaning up.
Playing with Blender now and it might be a case of using both to get the desired result.


Maybe you can just make a simple sor of blob shape to fit inside.

I did think of playing with an internal skin but found it was just not worth the effort.
I have a compromise of using SketchUp and Blender in combination and getting the results I need.

These are previous trucks I have done. Conclusion it’s not the easiest of jobs.