Help me thicken the Dome

That piece that you deleted WAS the inside of the thickness of the done

SketchUp us a surface modeler, it does not create true solids. Manifold shapes are created by generating surfaces that completely close.

It wasn’t the bottom of the dome you removed (it doesn’t have one), but the inside shell of the added thickness!

Try opening my model again, and select the inside surface, then Reverse Faces. You’ll see the inside change to the colour of a back face, but the outside doesn’t highlight - it isn’t the same surface.

Looks like this with the inside reversed:

You can see that the outside face is separate, and not selected.
And you can separately select the outside, without seeing the selection on the inside:

I didn’t add the thickness to the outside, because that has your over-elaborate ribs on it, and adding thickness on the outside would have covered them up.

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