HELP! Lost model- all I can see is green!

I’ve been working for hours on a model and was importing a component when all of a sudden I lost view of the model and the whole screen went to green. I’ve tried everything I know, zoom extends, axes lines and guides are gone, no matter how I try to maneuver in the space it’s all green- no horizon can be found, nothing! I have no idea what happened… HELP Please!

In Outliner select and delete the model you imported. Then Purge the fle.

The model you imported maybe it’s at a very big distance from Origin, or it’s at a big scale.

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It is generally safest to import an unfamiliar model into a separate SketchUp model file. Examine the model in its own file, do cleanups or scaling or etc. as desired in the context of its own file. Then copy and paste the model into your master SketchUp file.


Thanks Mihai- I was reading about this but I don’t know how to access Outliner…

It’s under Window on Mac

Thanks TDahl- the problem is that no matter how I zoom or maneuver around the space with the different tools, all I can see is green so I wonder if the thing is frozen? I can’t even see a horizon etc. It’s like I’m lost in space- green space!

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Ok found it and went through it thoroughly- can’t find the component (was a white window)… even typed in the search and nothing…

If you can share your model here, we can take a look and analyze what is happening (if less than about 10MB, drag it into a reply edit window or use the upload icon Screen Shot 2021-05-06 at 12.37.27 PM at the top, if larger, upload to a sharing site and give a link to it here).

Ok thanks will try to upload!

WeTransfer (click here) or Google Drive (click here) are the easiest ways to send files externally probably.

Sorry in the midst of all of this we’re having internet issues so it’s not uploading. Try this link…

Unfortunately that’s not the link to your model file.

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Nope. Takes me to my dropbox.

[Dropbox - Yingling- prelim 3 .zip - Simplify your life]

This work?

Yes! It does


I have your model showing although it is at a great distance from the origin. You should be keeping your model close to the origin. I also fixed incorrect tag usage…
Screenshot - 5_6_2021 , 12_25_54 PM

And purged unused.
Screenshot - 5_6_2021 , 12_26_19 PM

File size reduced by over 67%.

I’m downloading and will circle back around… that would be amazing if it’s fixed !

I had a look and could see the model… but then SU crashed…!

It should be fixed.

Your profile says you are using SketchUp 2017 Make. Is that correct?